It is in the heart of every human to find a perfect match – a “soul mate”.  The “one” who understands, accepts, and believes in you no matter what.  The one you share a strong and special connection with; the one you will always carry in your heart.

When I was about 8-years-old, I found my soul mate. His name was Gary.  I met him one Sunday evening when my parents hosted dessert for a few couples after church.  I remember walking down the hallway into the living room and quietly sitting on the fireplace in my pajamas.  Being quite the tomboy, I had carried a prized fire truck under my arm, hoping someone would notice my really cool toy.

After a few minutes, Gary – probably in his twenties – sat down beside me and began asking questions about the truck.  His interest and attention won me over, and in my young mind, Gary was now my boyfriend.  I remember before I was sent to bed that evening, Gary said he would come back to see more of my toys, and I was excited by the promise of more attention. 

Sadly, I never saw Gary again.  Several weeks after his visit we got the news that Gary had drowned in a fishing accident.  My little girl heart was broken.  Even though our meeting was so brief, Gary had left a strong and lasting impression on my young heart.  And some 55 years later, I still recall with great fondness how important and special I felt in those moments together.              

In the spiritual realm, we have a “perfect match”, a “soul mate” – One who desires to be intimately involved in our lives.  He wants to support us, invest in us, and love us unconditionally.  He longs to develop a strong and special connection with us that will last all of our days.

In the account of creation, God created night and day, land, sea, sky, vegetation, trees, animals, and birds.  And He saw that His creations were “good”.  Then God made man and woman and he “blessed” them, declaring them sacred and connected to Himself.

God is a personal being and it gives Him pleasure to have genuine relationships with us.  Through His love and wisdom He created us to “connect” with Him, so that He could compliment and complete us. But in order to recognize Him as a “match”, we have to spend time together, learn about each other, and share our hearts.

Be challenged today to pursue a lifelong connection with your Creator.  Allow Him to show His supreme interest in you.  Allow His love to become a beautiful part of your heart fabric.   

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To discover God’s relational commitment to us, visit and enter Psalm 139:1-18.