Life’s Journey

by R. M. Davis (Author)

Do you find yourself wrestling with emotional wounds and spiritual emptiness, longing for contentment and purpose? Does life feel as though you are traveling a well-worn path leading nowhere? Have you abandoned hope of attaining personal peace and fulfillment?

Take a journey with the author as she shares her personal struggles with emptiness, confusion, and shame-pain that for years kept her detoured from God’s plan for her life. Discover how, in one desperate moment, a seemingly hopeless course was changed by the promise, “The healing can begin.”

Within Life’s Journey rejoice in the declaration that God has created each journeyer for more than we imagine. Experience the testament that His healing and restorative power makes all that is promised possible and attainable.

The book’s conversational tone and vivid imagery powerfully present the truth of God’s love and our value while thought provoking questions encourage the reader to actively participate in the quest for God’s best.

“Full of profound examples based in Scripture and the promise that an amazing God-breathed path awaits, this book will guide you straight into the arms of a God who will bring hope, joy, and purpose back to your journey.” ~ Karen Batt, M.S., Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling

“If you’re looking for a self-help book, this is not the book for you. But if you’re willing to be vulnerable and say yes to God’s help, then I challenge you to go on Life’s Journey. Your road might be winding, there may be bumps along the way, but it’s a journey worth taking to reach God’s promise for your life.” ~ Michelle Raby, Director, Evening of Dreams (www.eveningofdreams.com)

To Be Known: When Hurt Finds Healing and Identity is Rewritten 

by Michelle Raby (Author), R. M. Davis (Author)

Once upon a time there was a happy, young girl. It would be nice if this story could begin with those enchanted words. But some stories have a much different beginning, and are anything but fairytales.

Join author, Michelle Raby, as she shares her story of crippling insignificance and the struggle for emotional and spiritual survival. Raised in the dysfunction of a drug-infested home, she watched her family stream in and out of prison, while being carelessly bounced from the homes of friends to those of cruel, uncaring strangers. Robbed of innocence, and with self-worth erased, her strategies for survival became desperate, yet skillfully hidden behind a well-managed façade.

Though the mask allowed her to maneuver through life without raising too many questions, the charade finally betrayed her, revealing her true identity and leaving her broken, exposed, and alone. Then in a life-changing moment of decision, she embarked on the process of healing, stripping away layers of her past and discovering hope from a God who determined her value and significance to be unerasable.

To Be Known is a beautiful story of how broken beginnings can be ransomed and redefined into breathtaking purpose and promise. It is not a fairytale, but rather a tale of the restorative power of God; the King of the universe reaching down to rescue His beloved. A tale that is available to anyone who is willing to reach up for His hand.

“To Be Known is a book that beautifully reveals two hearts – that of the wounded in search of rest and renewal, and of the Healer who faithfully desires to mend and restore.  Through the author’s transparency and vulnerability the story declares that when brokenness intersects with forgiveness and God’s healing power, the weight of the past can be lifted and the future can be rewritten for unimagined liberty of heart and spirit.” ~ Lisa Osteen Comes, author of You Are Made for More!

Today I Closed My Eyes to See What I Was Missing

by R. M. Davis (Author)

A story for young readers, inspiring adventure and discovery, and encouraging awareness, acceptance, and the courage to be one’s self.

Who Will I Be Today?

Who Will I Be Today?

A story encouraging kindness and generosity, and inspiring positive personal choices.

Who Will I Be Today?: Davis, R M, Rodriguez, Victoria: 9798530829307: Amazon.com: Books