Humor is an important part of our family.  Playful banter, witty remarks, and comical stories have always been an integral part of our communication and relational dynamic.  Laughter, we have found, connects us and serves wonderfully to nurture the bonds we share.

Happily, the gift of humor is now a generational treasure my nephew is passing on to his young children.  My heart enjoys watching him engage in clever and amusing conversations with his kids; and my heart delights when the kids display the humor and playfulness that is developing in them.

My great-niece just turned 4-years-old.  Weeks before Christmas I began telling her I got her a present, to which she’d excitedly reply, “What is it?”

My playful response – “I got you a bucket of mud!”

When I first tried the bit on her, she was admittedly confused.  But after her daddy explained that “Auntie is being silly”, it became of fun exchange – my great-niece quipping back that I could keep it for myself or give it to her little sister instead.

When Christmas rolled around, the presents were attacked like a bag of Oreos.  As my great-niece opened one particular gift, we all watched with anticipation because it ranked high on her Santa wish list.  Excitedly, she ripped the paper; totally lost in the moment and oblivious to anyone or anything else in the room.  Then as the much-wanted gift was finally revealed, she smiled from ear to ear and squealed with great pleasure, “This is better than a bucket of mud!”

We all laughed at the unexpected and amusing one-liner.  And it was in that moment I realized the gift of humor was sure to be a family legacy.  For that, my heart smiled.