In 1975, the band Chicago had a top ten hit called “Old Days”. It was a song of nostalgia and reminiscence, a longing for days gone by.

Old days, good times I remember
Fun days, filled with simple pleasures
Drive-in movies, comic books and blue jeans
Howdy Doody, baseball cards and birthdays
Take me back, to a world gone away
Memories, seem like yesterday
Old days

Old days, good times I remember
Gold days, days I’ll always treasure
Funny faces, full of love and laughter
Funny places, summer nights and streetcars
Take me back, to a world gone away
Boyhood memories, seem like yesterday
Old days

When we step into the realm of adulthood, juggling personal and professional responsibilities, it’s easy to lose sight of life’s simple joys. Without much effort they quickly become recollections of long ago, daydreams marked by sentimental sighs. What we fail to understand is that the bridge between treasured memories and the present is simply “a moment”. A moment we purposefully dedicate to reviving the wonder and joy once found in our hearts.

So Whimspiration issues this Double-Dog Dare! Sometime this week find a moment to…

Sit on the porch and eat a Popsicle.

Recall childhood stories with family or friends. Start the conversation with, “Remember when…”.  Laugh until your soul is fed.

Sing theme songs from your favorite childhood TV shows.

Teach your kids or grandkids how to play jacks, or pick-up sticks, or marbles in the dirt. Play hide and go seek.

Whatever your double-dog dare is, purposefully dedicate a moment to bring your most treasured memories to life.

“When I grow up, I want to be a little boy.” ~ Joseph Heller

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt